Sunday, December 19, 2010

Living Life in the Zone - Kyle Rote Jr and Dr. Joe Pettigrew

This Christian Non-Fiction book is for all those males out there who are wanting to build a closer relationship with God. It was provided as a review copy from www.booksneeze.com

Living Life in the Zone: A 40-Day Spiritual Gameplan for Men

Review : Living Life in the Zone - Kyle Rote Jr. and Dr. Joe Pettigrew - December 2009

For all those Christian Males out there of all ages , this is the book for you. As a fellow Christian , I know that we are always trying to find ways to get closer to God and build a strong relationship with him and open our hearts and lives to him. As females, we are pretty open and easy to building relationships as females tend to be more emotional, Whereas Males tend to be more physical in their doings. When you think of sport , games like rugby or depending where in the world you live -football -what gender comes to mind ? Males. That is why authors Kyle Rote Jr. and Dr. Joe Pettigrew have developed a devotional guide in the form of a 40 day Spiritual Game Plan - Each day has a different topic and includes 6 sections - the first is the thought of the day , a little quote to get you into the mood of the devotion, the second is called "The Coach's Corner" - a bit like the inspirational speeches the coaches give before the team heads onto the game field , the third is "The Game Plan" - not named after the movie starring The Rock but a Game Plan is the way the team is going to play and includes their tactics, strategies etc , the fourth part is "Playmakers" - these are the people who are the most important people in the game e.g in Basketball everybody is has their own positions and are the playmakers for that game. The fifth part is "Time Out" - in a game, this tends to be about halfway through a time for the team to recap and get ready for the final half. In Living Life in the Zone, the "Time Out" is a time for you to reflect on a couple questions that have to do with that day's devotional and finally the last part is "Home Field-Advantage: - this tends to signify a win in the game and the end of the game - in Living Life in the Zone, the Home field advantage is the crucial part in the devotional where you let God into what you are feeling and pass all your problems, concerns, questions to him .
A guide that no matter whether you are an old christian or a new christian or even slightly interested in getting to know God and you are a Male - Living Life in the Zone by Kyle Rote Jr and Dr. Joe Pettigrew is the perfect bedside companion next to your bible.

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