Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Project - Brian Falkner

Today's book is by a New Zealand Author and an award-winning author as well - Brian Falkner. Both of his previous two books have featured in the NZ Post Book Awards  - Brainjack and The Tomorrow Code.


                                            Review : The Project - Brian Falkner - 2010

The Project was unlike what I thought it would be, reading both Brainjack and The Tomorrow Code - I had a feel of Brian's writing and I had a fair idea that this was going to be another adventure novel and it started so simple , with a school prank that two boys had created and of course ended up on a mission to save the ones they love and their school teacher.
From the first sentence , It gave me a Scooby-doo feel to it as it reads "I reckon we would have gotten away with it , had it not been for that drunken squirrel". As all fans of the hit cartoon and movies would remember the villians catchphrase at the end of each episode "I would have gotten away with it, had it not been for you measly kids". The Project follows two boys Luke and Tommy, who instead of writing a book report on "The Last Mohicans" decided to stage a prank and then protest to their principal that it was the most boring book in the world. Their Principal's response was to do research on what was in fact the most boring book in the world. After a Google search, they discover that in fact the most boring book in the world was "Leonardo's River" by Leonardo Da Vinci. Whilst reading the site, they discover that the book has been missing for yonks and on a whim , while searching their school library -they discover it and soon what began as a simple find ends up a high-speed chase for their lives as their are people out there who want that book and are determined to use all measures nessecary including kidnapping.
A fun adventure novel that like his previous books is easy to read and get into and all genders will enjoy.

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