Friday, December 17, 2010

Trio of Sorcery - Mercedes Lackey

In today's book we go back before computers and to a time where Cellphones were massive bricks and Im sure if you hit somebody over the head with one it would have made some kind of damage, to a trio of tales involving Magic, Guardians, Medicine Men , PI's and Healers.

                                                                  Trio of Sorcery

                              Review : Trio of Sorcery - Mercedes Lackey - November 2010

This threesome of stories by Mercedes Lackey gives us some insight into other characters of her magic stories, some of the characters Major like Diana Tregarde and others minor like Jennifer Talldeer.  I was a bit disappointed though as on the front cover it boasted that Diana Tregarde was back for more action and I expected the three stories to be and feature her , but unfortunately only one story featured her which was Arcanum 101 which was her first meeting with Joe O'Brian and her first step into working with the Police force and also the meeting of her four friends Marshall, Emory , Emily , Zack. The other two featured smaller characers Jennifer Talldeer and her partner David - A pair of medicine men and Private Investigators and Ellen McBridge a Computer nerd and techno - shaman.

Arcanum 101: Diana Tregarde, practicing witch, romance novelist, Guardian of the Earth. Studying at Harvard, Diana is approached by Joe O’Brian, a young cop who has already seen more than one unusual thing during his budding career. The distraught mother of a kidnap victim is taking advice from a “psychic” and interfering in the police investigation. Will Diana prove that the psychic is a fake? Unfortunately, the psychic is not a fake, but a very wicked witch—and the child’s kidnapper.

Drums: Jennifer Talldeer, shaman, private investigator, member of the Osage tribe. Most of Jennie’s work is regular PI stuff, but Nathan Begay brings her a problem she’s never seen before. His girlfriend, Caroline, is Chickasaw to his Navaho, but that’s not the problem. Somehow, Caroline has attracted the attention of an angry Osage ghost. Thwarted in love while alive, the ghost has chosen Caroline to be his bride in death.

Ghost in the Machine: Ellen McBridge: computer programmer extraordinaire, techno-shaman. The programmers and players of a new MMORPG find that the game’s “boss,” a wendigo, is “killing” everyone—even the programmers’ characters with their god-like powers. A brilliant debugger, Ellen discoveres that the massive computing power of the game’s servers have created a breach between the supernatural world and our own. This wendigo isn’t a bit of code, it’s the real thing . . . and it’s on the brink of breaking out of the computers and into the real world.

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