Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Forget Me Not - Vicki Hinze

Today's Book is a Mystery Thriller with a case of Mistaken Identity sorts and falls uner the genre of Christian Fiction.

                                                                      Forget Me Not: A Novel

Review: Forget Me Not - Vicki Hinze- March 2010

When Kelly wakes up after being left for dead , she has no recollection of who she is - all that she has on her is a business card with "Crossroads Crisis Centre" scrawled with the name Susan and a cross around her neck that reads "To Susan Love Ben". Once, Kelly arrives at the Crossroads centre desperate to remember exactly who she is - she is bombarded with memories of a woman named Susan and the likeness is uncanny. The only thing is that Susan and her son were murdered three years ago. Soon Kelly with the help of Susan's husband Ben , will unravel both the mysteries behind Susan and her son's death but also Kelly's mugging - are they related and what happens when they discover it is part of a deeper organisation called NINA - a group of bio-terriosts - have they gotten themselves in too far and will Kelly whose escaped death this time around be so lucky to escape it again and will Ben discover the closure about his wife and son's murders. A novel that proves that by having God's faith- we can overcome the worst of situations.

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