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VBT# What Choices We Made 2 - Sandy Lender

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Last week , we had Problems on Eldora Prime by Sandy Lender and today readers we have her latest book "What Choices we Made #2" .

                                                                What Choices We Made: Volume 2
                           Synopsis : What Choices We Made Vol #2- Sandy Lender- October 2010

Welcome to a world of dragons, magic, sword and sorcery.

Dive into the legends that make up the history of the Choices series from established fantasy author Sandy Lender. Both new and familiar characters will enchant you. From families in peril to youth in scrapes, the men and monsters who shaped Onweald politics left epic tales in their wake for you.
As a special treat for Choices readers, this volume includes the love story of Ella and Rohne. She’s a general’s daughter with modern ideas about growing old at her father’s side. He’s a moody old god who’s used to getting His way. When they clash, she elects to run away with one of His guards. Catching the fugitives would be easier if the evil Julette’s minions weren’t crashing the party with her poisonous plans.
A stand-alone novella that newcomers to the series can enjoy, "The Influential Love Story of Ella and Rohne" offers suspense, horror, action, fantasy, and a sweet romance when an opinionated young lady faces her future—and a feisty god.

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There is no Typical Day for a Working Writer

By Sandy Lender

For just about every interview I grant, the blogger, newspaper reporter, radio personality, or whatever, asks me to describe a typical day as a writer. Other writers have got to help me get the word out: there is no typical day for a writer with a day job. For instance, as you’re reading this post, I’m mixing in visits/checks on this blog site with my day job duties.
Let’s examine Monday as an example. I’ve just had three books released, plus the first of two short stories for this fall, so I’m promoting all three with online activities. Monday will begin with a post to my main blog, http://TodayTheDragonWins.wordpress.com if I can get to it before I start working at the day job. The day job involves a magazine, of which I’m the editor, and it starts production. That means I perform a variety of different tasks than the week prior to or after production.
I have to leave work early Monday because I’m meeting with a colleague to discuss advertising language for a conference I’m organizing for the spring. Then I have a board meeting with the Naples Press Club. After that I’m planning to pick up boxes from a friend’s garage to bring home. Unpacking the boxes will have to wait (a couple months) because I have to get copies of new books to reviewers and pack for a trip to meet with clients for the day job. Oh, yeah, travel for the day job interrupts the writing schedule, too, but I can usually get some writing in while on the plane, although that’s not a typical day.
Amid all that, I feed treats to four demanding parrots. That usually happens first thing in the morning or else they complain (loudly) into the morning.
You’ll notice that there’s no time for writing fiction in that Monday. If I’m a good marketer and get all my review copies taken care of Monday night, then I’ll have time for writing fiction Tuesday night.
You might think weekends would lend themselves to more structured time-tables. Not so. If it’s a Saturday between May 1 and a date in October, I’ll be on the beach as the sun’s rising for sea turtle patrol. When I leave the beach depends on what the sea turtles have done through the night. I try to plan my errands so I can get everything done while I’m out, leaving time to write when I get home Saturday afternoons, but that doesn’t work out if there’s a book signing to fulfill or an interview to grant.
I think you get the picture. While everything I do is important on some level, it all prevents me from keeping a standard, set-in-stone kind of schedule. It means there’s no typical day for a writer with a day job.
“Some days, you just want the dragon to win.”


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  1. Hello, librarian-by-day, reviewer-by-night! I think you probably "get" my guest article right down to the last detail...
    I should probably state, for the record, that I wrote this in preparation for the online tour and that this week's Monday was totally different from what you read about here. Mwuahahahaha.
    I look forward to answering questions for visiting "paragraphers" and such! Today is the LAST DAY of the tour so it's the last chance for folks to leave a comment to win an autographed copy of the first volume of the Choices chapbooks. The clock's tickin'!!!!

    From Sandy Lender
    "Some days, you just want the dragon to win."


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