Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Shadow Girl of Birch Grove - Marta Acosta

Are you a fan of Charlotte Bronte's story Jane Eyre ? If so, you are bound to enjoy Marta Acosta -most famous for her series "The Casa Dracula" new YA Story called "The Shadow Girl of Birch Grove".


                              Review : The Shadow Girl of Birch Grove - Marta Acosta - 2010

When I saw that this book was available , I snatched it up as quickly as I could as I love the author Marta Acosta's work , funnily enough I actually read a Chick Lit book the other month that she had written under a pseudonym and really enjoyed that too. Check out "Nancy's Theory of Style" by Grace Coopersmith.

The Shadow Girl of Birch Grove is a novel written for the teenage audience and for all those who have read Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte will notice similarities and not just with the main character's name being called Jane. Jane is an orphan , growing up in group homes and foster homes - her mother died when she was seven and she has never met her father who skipped out just before she was born. All Jane had growing up was a friend in the home called Hosea - when Hosea passes away, Jane meets a new group of friends called "The Alphas" .
It is here, that she turns her interest to studying and is soon rewarded with a full-paid scholarship to a private school "Birch Grove Academy for Girls". Taken under the wing of principal Mrs Monroe , Jane finds that maybe she finally has a home - however as Jane is about to realise , things are not what they seem at Birch Grove. Strange things are happening and have happened and theirs even tales that the Birch trees talk.
Soon Jane is chucked into what can be her known as her own Gothic novel as Jane is about to discover, that their are things out there that are not human and has she gotten herself over her head when she accepted the scholarship ? What will happen to Jane when she discovers the truth about the previous scholarship girl Bebe's fast and abrupt exit , will Jane be next or will she become one of the lucky ones?

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