Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Slash and Burn - Matt Hilton

Today's book is the third book in the new ex-military hero "Joe Hunter" series by author Matt Hilton.

                                                             Slash and Burn

                               Review : Slash and Burn - Book #3 : Joe Hunter Series - 2010

Its time to say shuffle over to Jack Reacher , Alex Cross, John Sampson , Jack Morgan, Ty Hauck , Myron Bolitar and say hello or as New Zealander's would say Kia Ora to Joe Hunter.  Joe Hunter is the new ex-military hero or more appropriately vigilante in Matt Hilton's books . Slash and Burn is book #3 of Joe's adventures and hoping for a nice peaceful vacation between jobs , Joe is interrupted. A women Kate wants Joe's help in finding her sister and since Joe used to work with her brother in the military he feels obliged . However , like most of Joe's cases this isn't your usual missing person case and things that tend to be done Joe's way isn't necessary by the book or even above the law so when he realises that Kate is in fact a police officer , the tension in the story gets a little heated and shaky. Soon as they get deeper and deeper into the case , several people dead later they discover , things aren't exactly as they seem and Kate's sister Imogen might be in deeper than anyone realised. When Kate is kidnapped , Joe's feelings start to play him - Can Joe get to the bottom of Imogen's disappearance without bringing harm to Kate and what happens when romantic sparks start whizzing between Kate and Joe ? Is it happily "shoot" ever "bang" after for the couple or will their above and below the law differences put a stop in this relationship from actually progressing from friends to more than friends ?
Find out in this action-packed novel and Im looking forward to reading more "mis" adventures of Joe Hunter and to see what mischief he gets up to next.

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  1. Thanks for another honest and pointed review. Very much appreciated
    Matt ;-)


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