Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Dead End - Mimi McCoy

Today's book is from a series called "A Poison Apple Book" and is a supernatural ghost story for the younger audience about 9+.

The Dead End (Poison Apple)

Review : The Dead End - Mimi McCoy- May 2010

All Casey Slater wanted was the perfect summer vacation, hanging out at the beach with her best friend Jenna , getting her first hunky and sexy boyfriend even though they are only 12yrs old. Unfortunately for Casey, it's about to turn into the worst summer of her life or so she thought at the time. Her parents have decided to buy an old rundown summer vacation house and this summer her parents and Casey are spending their vacation there refurbishing the house. All starts out boring until Casey discovers that the house is haunted by a girl about her age and looks eerily similiar and the downside is that only Casey can see her. This ghost has unfinished business with the living and needs Casey to find out and fix the wrong. Soon Casey with the help of he new friend Eric are on a ghost hunt to find out what exactly went wrong 40yrs ago at one girl's birthday party and what the connection of Hide and Seek is about?
A fun ghost-hunting novel for girls and the odd boy aged 9+ .

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