Monday, December 27, 2010

The Snow Globe - Sheila Roberts

To celebrate the Christmas and Holiday Cheer and to wish everyone a belated Christmas , Ive decided to read a couple of christmas stories and to symbolise them , a friend of mine author "Tina Reber" used this wonderful Christmas Book tree and Ive decided to adopt the symbol. Isn't it utterly a creative and amazing idea. I might have to do it next year :)

The Snow Globe

Review: The Snow Globe - Sheila Roberts - October 2010

This Christmas is going to be a difficult one for Kylie , as she is alone - her boyfriend dumped her at her Halloween party and broke their engagement off to tell her that he was in love with her younger sister Gwinnie.On a girls trip out, Kylie stops into an antique store and falls in love with a snow globe for sale. She soon discovers the story of the Snow Globe and how it is a miracle worker. So Kylie purchases it and we sit back and read as the snow globe scene starts changing and it pictures a toyshop not far from Kylie and a handsome man. Kylie meets the owner Craig and soon the ball is showing her as well. Is this the Christmas Miracle that Kylie has been waiting for? , Once Kylie's miracle comes alive she passes the Snow Globe onto her friend Suzanne who is a skeptic but as things start appearing in the globe and in her life she too experiences the magic of the Snow Globe and without Suzanne realising the Snow Globe is bringing her and her family closer again. The last one out of Kylie's friends Allison is living in a hiusehold filled with drama and wishes that her Grandma was still with her. As time gets by , we see the threesome visit Mrs Ackerman - the original owner and it is here that Allison's miracle appears.
The Snow Globe by Sheila Roberts is a lovely story and shows that with a little bit of faith during the holiday spirit even the slightest miracles can occur.

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  1. I have enjoyed all the books by this author. I really need to put this on my To Buy List.


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