Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Matter of Character - Robin Lee Hatcher

Todays featured book is from Christian writer Robin Lee Hatcher and Book #3 in her series "The Sisters of Bethlehem Springs". Though in fact the character Daphne is not really a sister but more a sister-in-law as the first book is about her Sister-in-law Gwen Arlington who married Daphne's brother and in Book #2 it features Gwen's sister Cleo.

                                                            A Matter of Character (Sisters of Bethlehem Springs, The)

Review : A Matter of Character - Book #3: The Sisters of Bethlehem Springs - Robin Lee Hatcher- June 2010

A Matter of Character is set in the year 1918 , a time when women aren't supposed to be fancy novelists or even be inspired to be writers. However Daphne McKinley has a secret, one that she nobody not even her family know as if they were to find out there could be serious consequences. Daphne has a secret identity as Dime Novelist D.B Morgan - Dime novels are Westerns like Louis L'amour etc , all featuring stories that her friend Griff Arlington told her about the old west and a joker called Rawhide Rick. Daphne is about to be in for the shock of her life as newcomer to Bethlehem Springs and the new newspaper owner Joshua Crawford has a reason for being in Bethlehem Springs , he is set to find DB Morgan and put the record straight about his Grandfather Richard Terrell who back in the day had the nickname Rawhide Rick. Sparks both good and bad fly between Joshua and Daphne and what will happen when Joshua finds out that Daphne is in fact DB Morgan ? Soon Joshua will bring words in a new light for Daphne and have her reconsidering the power of her words and the direction of where her life is headed ? Is their romance in the air for Daphne and Joshua or will their differences , opinions and attitudes be enough to push them further apart ?
Find out in Book #3 of The Sisters of Bethlehem Springs : A Matter of Character with Robin Lee Hatcher.

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