Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Girls - Tucker Shaw

I don't know about many other teen/YA readers, but every now and again I love to step away from reading the ever-so-popular realm of Fantasy/Paranormal/Supernatural and read a book about modern life and issues and as a fan of Boarding school novels , I like books about rich girls and private education.

                                                        The Girls

                                   Review : The Girls - Tucker Shaw - March 2010

Who's seen the movie "The Women" where if you can recall , it featured around a main character whose husband had been cheating on her with another women, and the friends all banded together to "expose" the other women who was below their class as a shopgirl.
The Girls by Tucker Shaw is a modern remake of the classic play "The Women" and whereas the movie was aimed at the older audience of women. The Girls is aimed simply at the Teenage/ YA audience. In the Girls we have the main characters of Peggy - The best friend and who turns out to be the only one with her head screwed on , Mary - the beautiful, rich girl whose Skier boyfriend Stephen is cheating on her with Crystal who is a low class , townie from the opposite side of town , then we have Sylvia - another rich girl except where Mary has manners , Sylvia lacks - her boyfriend Howie is cheating on her with Miriam but that's ok as Sylvia is also dating a ski-instuctor called Flip who turns out to be cheating on Sylvia with Floss. In the midst of all this dating dilemma , the cause of all these revelations is Amber , your ditzy waitress who knows all the gossip and whose dream job would be to write a Hollywood gossip column.
A fun novel , that will have you going around in circles as you start to work out whose cheating on who and when you see the huge web , you can't but help laugh and see what is going to happen when they all catch each other out.

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