Sunday, December 5, 2010

Emily's Chance - Sharon Gillenwater

Wanting a good Christian read , one that has the western feel but not that feel of olden times but more contemporary. For those who enjoyed Jenna's Cowboy - The first book in The Callaham series #1 by Sharon Gillenwater , you are in for a treat as I bring you Book #2 in the series "Emily's Chance".

                                                                    Emily's Chance: A Novel (The Callahans of Texas)

Review : Emily's Chance - Book #2 of The Callahans of Texas Series - Sharon Gillenwater - October 2010

In Book #1 we saw Jenna Callahan reunited with lover Nate and married off to live happily ever after and in Book #2 we are presented with her brother Chance Callahan. Chance has always been the type of guy that has been viewed as a player, testing the waters - dating a few girls here and there of course unlike most players with Chance Callahan he is a strong christian male and has been following God's word and keeping his morals and values high and sacred. Emily Rose has just arrived at Callahan Crossing to help the town re-build their museum after a nasty fire destroyed their town. For her , this is a step up her ladder of success in the goal of one day becoming a Curator of a well-paid museum . For Chance, it is love at first sight -he has never felt this way about anyone and soon realises that Emily is for him "the one" , however once Chance discovers Emily's past and that her godliness is not as strong as his, will Chance be repulsed and take a step back or will he accept God's help to see past what he considers Emily's flaws and discover the true women he loves ?
Emily's Chance is a warm tale of hope and healing and what touched me most was the underlining fact of a community bonding together after a horrible tragedy ripped through their small town. It reminded me of the current tragedies that we have experienced in New Zealand recently with the Christchurch earthquake and its 1000+ aftershocks and now with the sudden and horrible tragedy of the 29 miners deaths at Pike Mine. Our Prayers go out to the families involved.

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