Tuesday, December 7, 2010

VBT# BabySitting SugarPaw - V.S Grenier

Today's VBT# is one that is part of Pump Up Your Books Promotions and for a change is a Children's Picture Book with a moral.

Babysitting SugarPaw

Review : Babysitting SugarPaw - VS Grenier- June 2009

A little bear named SugarPaw hopes to get rid of his babysitter, Bonnie Whiskers as he tells his mum and papa - "he is too big for a babysitter" a statement that as parents , they hear often enough by their children , Sugarpaw tries to get rid of Bonnie by getting her into trouble after making changes to his rules chart. As this loving story unfolds, SugarPaw learns about honesty and friendship. Babysitting SugarPaw, with its child-centered plot on getting to know others, is the perfect book for little ones scared of being left alone with a babysitter for the first time. This book will delight three-to-eight-year-old readers, especially those who like to create mischief and in the end we discover that Sugarpaw feels guilty and upset for hurtung his babysitter's feelings and in the morning goes to make it right with his parents, however Bonnie has already made it right and Sugarpaw can't wait to have Bonnie babysitting him again.

Learn more about Babysitting SugarPaw at http://vsgrenier.com/BabysittingSugarPaw.aspx

VS Grenier is an Award-winning author and Editor-in-Chief of Stories for Children Magazine (http://storiesforchildrenmagazine.org ). A California girl at heart, she currently lives in Utah with her husband and their two children. Learn more about VS Grenier at http://vsgrenier.com.

An Added Bonus , If you have children and would like something for them to colour in over the holidays ort in the weekends and a time they are allowed to use the paints LOL ( a book reference) head over to http://vsgrenier.com/coloringpages.aspx and download some FREE Babysitting Sugarpaw Colouring Sheets.


  1. Thanks for the wonderful review of Virginia's book. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I hope your readers take a moment to find out more.

    Thanks again.

    Wishing you a wonderful holiday season.


  2. Thanks so much for such a wonderful review and hosting my book Babysitting SugarPaw. Wishing you and all your readers a very Happy Holiday Season.


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