Saturday, September 24, 2011

Review: Desert Gift - Sally John

Ever wondered what it could feel like to wake up one day and have lost the one thing you have based your life upon and around?
Review: Desert Gift - Sally John - 2011
What would you do if one morning you woke up and the one thing that you had based your whole life around and work around had disappeared without you realising it had come to this point in life , though you are trained to notice these things ?
For Jill Galloway, that's exactly what happened. For the past twenty-five years, she has been married to Dr. Jack Galloway and has spent these years writing marriage guides and giving relationship advice out to listeners and the public. She has her own radio show and books published. She is known to the public eye as a marital expert. However, behind closed doors is a different story as her husband Jack of twenty-five years has just announced that he wants a divorce- the Dreaded "D" word. The timing is anything but perfect, as the day Jack plants it on her - the day she is set out to go on a five-week Book Tour with her new Marriage guide to life.
Desert Gift flips between Jack's life in Chicago and Jill's in Los Angeles during the five week period, each analysing and trying to discover what went wrong. Is it time for Jill to start living her own advice and win her husband back or has Jack meet someone new and this is his way of starting his midlife crisis re-invention ?
Desert Gift is a novel that will show you that sometimes all you need to re-ignite the passion in a twenty-five year old marriage is a reality check and a wake-up call to discover what you have had isn't as bad as what you thought and no marriage is complete without having numerous roadblocks in the way.

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