Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Review: Wings of a Dream- Anne Mateer

Wanting a new Christian Historical Fiction author to devour in the Holy Spirit ?

Review: Wings of a Dream - Anne Mateer - 2011
As a female girl in the 1918's , it seems that our role in life is to be a society wife and get married and play house. Rebekah Hendricks has one goal in mind to exit out of her small town of Dowington, Oklahoma and marry Aviator Arthur Samson. So when she is offered the chance to go out of town to care for her sick Aunt , she agrees as it is an exciting opportunity. However, once Rebekah arrives , it seems that she has come in the time of the Spanish Influenza Pandemic and her aunty passes away. Rebekah discovers that her aunt was caring for four children whose father Frank is at war and her dying wish was for Rebekah to take care of them . So the story begins as Rebekah becomes caregiver and playing the role of mother to the children. In this it seems that Rebekah has captured the attention of the local Sheriff but her heart is with Arthur. As the story comes to light it seems that Arthur hasn't been completely faithful and Rebekah in turn is heartbroken. Enter Frank , the children's father who has returned. Will Rebekah choose the path of wife to bachelor Sheriff Jenkins or will she begin to care too much for the children and accept Frank's offer of an instant family ?
Find out in Wings of A Dream by Anne Mateer , a Christian author that I will be looking out for more books to read by her.


  1. I really enjoyed the Review of Wings of a Dream and I am really loking forward to read this in the future and I thank you for the submission.

  2. I loved every minute that I spend with the review and looking forward to read this and I thank you for the submission.


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