Friday, September 2, 2011

Review: Final Touch - Brandilyn Collins

Are you a fan of Edgy Christian Fiction ? Followed the writings of Brandilyn Collins and her series "The Rayne Tour" written by her and her daughter Amberly ?
Get ready to conclude the series with book #3 "Final Touch".
Final Touch (The Rayne Tour, Book 3)
Review: Final Touch - Book #3 The Rayne Tour - Brandilyn and Amberly Collins - May 2010
At the end of book two Last Breath , we read as Gary and Rayne "Shaley's parents" were reunited and we read as the paparazzi photographer known as Cat was locked up and behind bars for stalking . All was back to normal and Gary and Rayne were ready to finally say together their "I Do's" and have the wedding of the century, thus begins the final chapter in the Gary, Rayne and Shaley show. However, all will not turn to a happy ending as just minutes before the wedding , we see the kidnapping of Shaley. As the clock ticks by, we discover the involvement of the FBI and SWAT squad and soon the whole world is keeing their eyes peeled for news of Shaley. Will the pair be reunited and Gary and Rayne recieve their happily ever after. We discover a face from the past as the kidnapper is a prior stalker who wants to make Shaley his bride and purify her soul.
When the kidnapper is put under pressure and the gun goes off , is this the end of Shaley ? The only downside to this book was I found unlike the prior two in places it tended to drag but other than that it was a great conclusion to a wonderful series.
Find out in Final Touch - the end to a great teen mystery series by Mother/Daughter duo Brandilyn and Amberly Collins.

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