Thursday, September 1, 2011

Review: First Grave on the Right - Darynda Jones

Wanting a fun girly supernatural to read with a kick butt Grim Reaper ?

First Grave on the Right
Review: First Grave on the Right - Charley Davidson Book #1- Feb 2011
Meet Charley Davidson, if you love movies like Ghost Whisperer -then this is the series for you and Charley is the gal for you. Charley is what is known as a Grim Reaper , her job is to cross over those souls that have been earth bound . Though Charley's life isn't easy as she also works as a Private Investigator and sees the dead. On the police force as a consultant , she gets flak from one of the officers Garrett who thinks the whole seeing dead people thing is a get-up, if only that was the case . When Charley starts seeing a face from the past and one that freaked her out, things start to go from normal to crazy as she discovers that the guy visiting her - shouldn't exactly even exist. Read as Charley discovers that Reyes , her visitor is the son of Satan himself and what kind of mischief will Charley get herself into when the spawn of Satan starts to fall in love with Charley the Grim Reaper?
Find out all this and more in this light-hearted chick supernatural with a few laughs and mystery turns "First Grave on the Right" and if you don't love the title , then you will fall in love with the cover as that's what drew me to the book.

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