Friday, September 16, 2011

Review: Ghost Town - Rachel Caine

Are you ready for more Morganville action ? Get ready for Book #9 which will be like a Blast From the Past novel - pre Claire days.

Review: Ghost Town - Morganville Vampires #9 - Rachel Caine - 2010
Morganville , after you read Ghost Town will leave you wondering what is going to happen ? Is this the end of Morganville as we know it ? Has the time come for Vampires to run amok and humans be hunted and tortured ?
All Claire wanted was to spend some quality time alone at a drive-in movie theatre with her boyfriend Shane as most of the town was at a rave in another part of Morganville. However , her night ended badly and Claire ended up on trial for the murder of a vampire. All this with one little phone call from her friend Eve asking for help. Claire's punishment is now to fix and finish a machine that her boss Myrnin has been working on , the machine will be able to help protect those in Morganville , ensure that it is safe from outsiders. Once Claire gets the machine up and running though, something sparks and soon the machine is taking everybody back three years ago. To a time before Claire even discovered Morganville , a time where Morganville wasn't the safe town that it is today.  As the town starts to lose their current memories , Claire must figure out a way to pull the plug on the machine and it seems that Claire may very well be alone as nobody remembers her, not even her protector and town founder Amelie and boss Myrnin which may be a problem as she needs to get into his lab.
In Ghost Town , we will read as Claire pairs up with the least likely person - the only other person who wasn't here three years ago , the vampire Oliver.
Can the two put their human/vampire differences aside and work together to save their hometown of Morganville before the whole town disappears and Morganville turns into one of those ol' dusty and empty Ghost Towns on the map ?
Included in Ghost Town is an extra Short Story titled Worth Living For and it is a tale that slots nicely between the books Fade Out #7 and Kiss of Death #8

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  1. Wow. The concept behind this book is amazing! I am always blown away when authors manage to build such complicated, inventive worlds...I tend to always love/write contemporary YA, so I build so much off of the real world. This book sounds amazing! Thanks for the review!


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