Thursday, September 8, 2011

Review: An Undivided Heart - Vonette Bright and Nancy Moser

Wanting more tales in the Sister Circle Series?
An Undivided Heart (The Sister Circle Series #3)
Review; An Undivided Heart - Sister Circle Book #3- Vonette Bright and Nancy Moser-May 2008
Are you ready for more Sister Circle action as I bring you Book #3 in the Sister Circle Series. It's that time again where the old tenants move out and Evelyn Peerbaugh opens her doors once again to a new set of boarders. Evelyn has learnt always to put her trust in God , so she will check references where needed but most of the time , she believes God sends who he wants her to touch through her door. Unlike the previous two novels, where Evelyn has rented rooms to three new people, An Undivided Heart opens the door to two new faces. Lucinda and Margaret as Piper still reeling from her mother's death is staying in the third bedroom. Lucinda is stuck in the age of looking young as she has spent all her finances on plaastic surgery and Margaret is a gentle soul who is stuck between love and God which as the novel gets on , we start to see that in An Undivided Heart many of the characters will be stuck on the journey between Love and God and the decision of do you have to have both or is Love more important than having God also ? For me, personally this novel actually struck a nerve , as im in a relationship with somebody that there is no chance that God - well the one I believe in will ever happen as to him there is just a higher being in the universe. In An Undivided Heart , we see the developments and pullbacks of the relationship between Evelyn and Herb- is Evelyn ready to take the next step or is she fine with just being friends ? Newcomer Lucinda has her eyes set on Wayne- Piper's dad who is just recently widowed , will the pair hit it off or will God stand in their way and show Lucinda somebody else who is better suited to her ? In book #2 Round the Corner , we read as Piper choose God over Love in the relationship with the Doctor, now that he has chosen God's path - will the sparks re-ignite between the pair ? Newcomer Margaret has just broken up with her domineering fiance Bobby, when he decides he wants her back - is it for real or will she discover his true intentions before it's too late ? Mae's family stars predominantly in An Undivided Heart as her son Ringo and his new wife have eloped and have a baby on the way and Mae's daughter Starr is having trouble with her fiance Ted as he discovers God , Can God show Starr that he is real and worth having ?
Find out all this and more in An Undivided Heart by Nancy Moser and Vonette Bright and stay tuned readers as I bring the fourth and last book to you.

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