Saturday, September 24, 2011

Review: Tris and Izzie - Mette Ivie Harrison

Are you a fan of the story Tristan and Isolode ? Wanting a modern retelling with a spice of magic ?

Review: Tris and Izzie - Mette Ivie Harrison- October 2011
Are you into renditions of Classics and tale from the past ? I find myself in love with the modern retelling of some of our classic stories. One in particular I came to enjoy via the film as it had James Franco in it of course was Tristan and Isolode. In Tris and Izzie, we read it as not only a modern retelling of the novel as we meet Izzie - your average high school student with a dark secret , which is what gives the novel a twist as she is in fact an elemental sorcerer and her mother a witch is dating the high school Football star Mark. Life would have been easy for Izzie, but her best friend Branna as we are about to discover is secretly in love with Mark. Enter newcomer Tristan aka Tris - Izzie comes up with the idea that if she can get Branna with Tris then her friend will be happy and all will be fine , so Izzie conjures up a love potion . But all turns to custard the next day, when it's Izzie and Tris that end up sharing the potion not Tris and Branna. Fast Forward, to an accident that leaves Izzie and Tris clinging to their lives, whilst in hospital it seems that the pairs love is getting stronger  Though Izzie has other things on her mind , the creatures that killed her father those many moons ago are after her and won't stop till she is dead.
On top of saving her life , who will Izzie choose - Mark or Tris ? , Which one is destined to be her soulmate?
A fast-paced story that fans of the story Tristian and Isolode will enjoy and if magic is your thing then you will definitely be on track with Mette Ivie Harrison's new novel Tris and Izzie.

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  1. This sounds amazing! I also more than a little in love with his cover!


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