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Review: Enchanted Island - May Torres

Enchanted Island
Review: Enchanted Island - May Torres- 2010
Wanting a Multi-Cultured Book to read ? Enchanted Island by May Torres takes the reader on a journey into the culture of Puerto Ricans as we meet Gabriella whom I guessed would be about 11-12yrs when we first meet her is living in America with her mum Rosa. All Gabby wishes to make her life complete was that she belonged - belonged with the popular girls in her school especially Molly, who seemed like she had the perfect life. Enter Gilberto, he is a new student at their school and he befriends on his first day Gabby, as the novel goes along we can see that Gilberto really likes Gabby but she seems oblivious to the fact that he likes her more than just a friend -something I can admit that some of us girls actually have trouble with realising when a guy likes her and that he's not just being friendly for the sake of it, there is more lol. Soon Molly starts to change her ways as she envies Gilberto and Gabby's relationship and soon their duo becomes a threesome. The novel then moves from America to Puerto Rico , where the threesome are on a holiday when a tragedy occurs which causes Molly to get sick , Gabriella nearly killed and the relationship between the threesome starts to involve betrayal and hurt.
Years later , when Gabriella is fifteen years old , she has been experiencing dreams about Puerto Rico and the trip she took when she was eleven, now she has decided to head back to Puerto Rico and open a Pandora's box to unlock the truth about what really happened .
Enchanted Island for all those that belive in What Goes around Comes Around holds the perfect example of Karma.

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  1. Love the setting and definitely love the overall message! I am a firm believer in Karma! Thanks for the review...will definitely put this on my to-read list!


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