Monday, September 5, 2011

VBT# Seers - Heather Frost

Today's VBT# is a little different than the other ones as this request came through NetGalley and I was asked if I would participate in a VBT of the Book, so readers I have for you a review of Heather Frost's new novel Seers and a GP written especially for you.
Review: Seers - Heather Frost- October 2011
"Seers are not just spectators , they are prey".
Life after a death and one so close can be hard on anybody, the overpowering feeling of grief and the why did they have to die and then of course, the way people don't know how to treat you normally after somebody has passed . For Kate , though it's worse as after her parents were killed in an accident , she inherited pyschic abilities. Kate has the ability to see other people's auras. See the colours swirling around people in blues, yellows, reds and grey's. It's the first day of Senior Year and Kate is seeing things that aren't really there and it seems her aura seeing power is going haywire. Just before school, she saw an Hispanic male and her best friend Kellie didn't see a thing, is Kate hallicunating ? Enter newcomer Patrick O'Donnell , he also doesn't have an aura , only an outline of gray that reminds Kate of a silver lining. As the day moves forward, Kate is worried that Patrick is stalking her and can feel something is up . It turns out that Patrick has a dark secret , he is a Guardian who has been alive since the late 1700's , it his job to save Kate from those who are out to harm her - the Demons, the ones with pure black auras. They are the Hunters of Seers and it's the guardian's job to protect them from Danger. Can Kate put her trust in Patrick before it's too late as she finds herself stalked by a pair of Demons? Is Kate's time up on earth and will Kate say goodbye to her newfound power that seems at times like a curse ?
Find out in Heather Frost's new novel Seers and a novel that I look forward to reading the sequel for more Kate and Patrick action.

From the Desk of Heather Frost :

Title: Working With Dreams

Writers, generally speaking, are dreamers. I mean, really, we are. We dream about all the wild things that could happen to people, and then we write about it. Whether the setting is real or not; whether the people are imaginary or not; we create a story, and we try to share it. The dreaming doesn't end there, though. Writers continue to dream about the day they become a published author, and then they continue to dream about their story getting out into the world and making a mark on some reader's life.
Now, that's a lot of dreaming wrapped up into one job, and it amounts to a lot of staring into space, scribbling furiously on little scraps of paper, and spending more time with your head above the clouds than normal sanity recommends. It means talking to yourself when you hope no one's nearby, and often dedicating more time getting to know your fictional characters rather than living and breathing individuals. Basically, writing is a way of life, and it's not always an easy one. Luckily, I'm able to find a tenuous balance between reality and my imagination because of an awesome family and a supportive batch of friends. Without them, I'd probably be a blubbering mess in a straight jacket. They've been with me in all the stages of my dreaming so far, and they promise to continue on with me during this crazy and wonderful journey. Because, quite honestly, writing isn't just a job, or a dream—it's who I am.
Writing Seers has been one of the greatest experiences of my life. In some ways, it was incredibly easy. The story literally dropped into my head, and I researched and had complete drafts of the entire trilogy within a month, with Seers completely polished and ready to mail out to publishers. True, I'd finished many un-submitted novels and faced rejection over my lifetime, but creating “Seers” was relatively easy. Watching it become a real book that will one day sit on a shelf is nothing short of magical to me. But when you're dealing with dreams, magic and miracles are somehow—thankfully—commonplace.

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