Monday, September 12, 2011

Review: Fool Moon - Jim Butcher

As I make my way through The Dresden Files Books , I bring to you from Jim Butcher - Book #2 - Fool Moon.

Fool Moon (The Dresden Files, Book 2)
Review: Fool Moon - The Dresden Files #2- Jim Butcher- January 2001
The last couple of months for our infamous Wizard PI Harry Dresden has been quiet after the last case, in the first novel kind of pinpointed Harry as their prime suspect when all along he had been on the good side of the law. Somehow, it seems as I make my way through The Dresden Files that it seems that our friend Harry has a knack for trying to stay out of trouble but as it comes sniffing along he finds himself smack bang in the middle of it all. In Fool Moon, it seems that every night for the last month when a full moon has occured something has been killing and at this rate it doesn't intend to stop and the police can't seem to put their finger on what is doing the killing , so Detective Murp turns to the one person that may be able to help them - Harry Dresden. It seems like a werewolf killing but Harry with the assistance of Bob - the spirit trapped inside a skull it seems that there is more than one kind of Werewolf and the one on a killing rampage is the worse. We also read the introduction and unfortunately the departure of Harry's apprentice wizard Kim. Can Harry discover the type of werewolf doing the killing and then with the various wolves and obstacles being thrown his way, capture the killer before more innocent people have to die ?
Find out in Fool Moon - a novel that Werewolf Lovers will enjoy and tear apary as they turn each page. Fool Moon nearly got a five as I do enjoy the Dresden Files but when it comes to Werewolves , Im not really that type of girl and it failed to excite me as much as Demons and Vampires.

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