Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Review: A Place to Belong - Vonette Bright and Nancy Moser

Today's review concludes the series "The Sister Circle" by Vonette Bright and Nancy Moser with Book #4 : A Place to Belong.
A Place to Belong (The Sister Circle Series #4)
Review: A Place to Belong- The Sister Circle #4- Vonette Bright and Nancy Moser- May 2008
Have you ever read a series and sad to see it end , I guess with The Sister Circle - I am in a way as I have found the series "The Sister Circle" to be very encouraging and inspiring , a group of women who don't know each other start to forma  sisterhood in christ and by the fourth book , their tiny sister circle of four has grown into a worldwide phenomenon. In A Place to Belong , it brought together a mixture of emotions and revelations as well as secrets. Unlike the previous three books , Evelyn has opened her home to those who can't afford to pay rent due to unforseen circumstances. We welcome into A Place to Belong new characters Simon , Ursola , Jody, Accosta , Danny and baby Ricky. Evelyn Peerbaugh finally finds love in Wayne Wellington and she also discovers the identity of the daughter she gave up , without spoiling it -I had a strong suspicion throughout the series whether this was going to be her daughter and Book #4 confirmed my suspicions , we see the shock arrival of Mae Ames first husband Danny - somebody she hasn't laid eyes on in thirty plus years , we have the Wedding of Piper Wellington and Dr. Gregory , Audra falls into temptation with Simon the UPS Guy - will she continue or will she remember she has a family already ? We read the introduction of Mae's son Ringo's family and their new baby Ricky. Ursola and Accosta are the two new residents of Peerbaugh Place , will these two women find the strength of sisterhood ?
Find out all this and more in everyone has "A Place to Belong" when the Sister Circle are involved.

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