Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Review: How You Find A Job Fast - Don Schenk

Looking for the perfect job ?

How You Find A Job Fast
Review: How You Find a Job FAST - Don Schenk and Ted Leithart - June 2011
Are you in the road to looking for a new job ? Finding it hard to stay on the short-list ? Do interviews make you nervous ? Together Don Schenk and Ted Leithart have put together for you the guide to helping you find that perfect job and fast. This book covers it all from how to advertise and sell yourself and answer the dreaded question of "Why do you think we should hire you ? " to how you should act and address questions in an interview. The number one point that people need to do is in an interview "just be yourself" as if you don't and you get hired , they are going to find out sooner or later. Included in the book is also the downside of interviews - the rejection process , How You Find a Job Fast cover how to deal with that rejection and how to learn next time from your mistakes.
How to Find a Job FAST is the perfect guide that everyone who ever needs a job or is planning a job interview should read and those people need to rename this book "The Job Interview Bible".

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