Saturday, September 10, 2011

Review: Nocture - Syrie James

Wanting a Vampre/Mortal Love Story with a twist ?

Review: Nocture - Syrie James - August 2011
Reading the cover of Nocturne , I figured that this was going to go two ways either be a Beauty and The Beast type story or a Twilight Saga type novel with the human falling in love with the Vampire and living happily ever after . However, this was one of the best Vampire/Mortal Love stories I have ever read and at the end of it I was like wow , I want more. In Nocturne , we meet Nicole Whitcomb who on her way home was caught into an avalanche which caused her car to crash and she was rescued by a stranger - Michael Tyler , a recluse who owns a gorgeous house in the forest. As the novel goes along , we see the similarities to other love stories where the pair hit it off , there is a part where the mixed feelings and tensions flare and then the part where they fall in love and then of course as it's a vampire novel , there is the part where he explains his true past to her and normally from there on, it's happily ever after but as I said before this novel ends in a twist . To not give the ending away , I'll leave you with two paths - Does Nicole go back to San Jose after being glamoured and forget Michael forever after the realization hits that they can never be together or will the pair discover they are destined for each other and Nicole moves from San Jose into the cabin and they live happily ever after or will the ending of Nocturne be completely different ?
This is one Vampire/Mortal Love Story that I highly recommend everyone should read.

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