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Review: 15th Affair - James Patterson and Maxine Paetro

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15th Affair (Women's Murder Club #15)

Review: 15th Affair - Book #15 Women's Murder Club - February 2016

I decided recently to try and clear my TBR pile and I was in the mood for a mystery, so what better book than the 15th one in the Women's Murder Club as I always love being reunited with the club led by Lindsay Boxer. 15th Affair starts like any other of the books with crime scenes, but this crime scene takes a massive twist for the book as it looks like Joe - Lindsay's husband is one of the main suspects. How well does Lindsay know Joe and his past ? She is about to learn a new side of Joe that she didn't know existed . Will their marriage still be able to work after discovering his secrets and past , especially since the woman in the middle of it all is known as a home wrecker.  As more murders occur and secrets are revealed , this case will go beyond Lindsay's jurisdiction and abilities and fall to the higher ups of CIA and FBI . Unlike the previous books, though this one had murder and mayhem , it more focused on the relationship of Lindsay and Joe and whether she really knows her husband and the father of her child. I am now looking forward to reading Book #16 in the Womens Murder Club and after finishing this book it has spurred me to rewatch the Womens Murder Club TV series.


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