Monday, September 11, 2017

Review: Heartless - Episode #2 - J. Sterling

Heartless: Episode 2 (Heartless, #2)

Review: Heartless - Episode #2 - J. Sterling - October 2014

After finishing Episode #1, I wanted more, and I did something with this particular serial that I haven't done in a long time. I read all three episodes -one after another.  Those who know me will understand when I say that I never do that. I just wanted more Daniel and Elizabeth encounters as the romantic in me could see that Daniel loved Elizabeth and would do anything for her. Finally, after all these years, Elizabeth has met a wonderful man who loves her for who she is - the whole package. During Episode #2 Daniel finally breaks Elizabeth's walls, and the pair starts dating, and she is giving him her all which for her is a hard task. What happens though when Ben - her ex-boyfriend comes back into the picture and it seems that he knows Daniel? This episode finished on a major cliffhanger, one where I was like OMFG she just told Daniel about the worst moment in her life and after eight years Ben appears and he knows Daniel WTF? Heartless by J. Sterling is an addictive serial that will want you hopping onto your Kindle and immediately purchasing the next and final book as this is one of the few series of books I have read that is completely hooking.




  1. Great review of Heartless. It's definitely my kinda read.

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