Tuesday, September 26, 2017

VBT # - Review: All of the Rogers - Erin Lockwood

All of the Rogers

Review: All of the Rogers - Erin Lockwood - September 2017

For most of Kerri's life, she has been dedicated to dancing and becoming the best and becoming what her Mother wanted to be but missed out on the opportunity. The thing is Kerri doesn't want to be a dancer and injures herself on purpose to stuff up her audition for Julliard. The plan works, and for her senior year, Kerri has a chance to become a normal teenager. With the help of her best friends, she starts to do everything a rebellious teenager does like heading to parties and hooking up with boys - one in particular Roger. Roger has been Kerri's crush for a while now, and the pair starts dating. Thing is though that Roger has some home and personal problems and the relationship starts to become unbalanced. During the book, we can see that Roger heavily relies on Kerri to make him happy. Kerri is getting ready to go to college, and every time she tries to break up with Roger, she finds herself sucked back into his life.  What will happen when Kerri heads off to college and finds herself meeting new people, and she discovers she no longer needs Roger? How will Roger take the news? This book does touch on some edgy issues and features mental health and suicide. After reading this, it did get me thinking as this week featured World Suicide Day on the 10th September. It also gives readers the thought of how far would you go to save someone before you find yourself being pulled down too? All of the Rogers is a coming of age story that touches everyone who has ever had a family or romantic co-dependent relationship.


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