Monday, September 11, 2017

Review: Ugly Young Thing - Jennifer Jaynes

Ugly Young Thing (Stranger Series #2)

Review: Ugly Young Thing - Book #2 Strangers Series - Jennifer Jaynes - March 2015
When Allie was growing up, her mother was crazy and murdered those who she wanted to or who the voices told her too. Later Allie's brother when she was sixteen, decided to kill and then he eventually committed suicide. Allie left home and wandered the streets and became a prostitute to survive, sleeping around with truck drivers. One day, she has enough and wanders back to her real home. One thing leads to another, and she is placed in foster care with Miss Bitty. During this time, Miss Bitty will help to show Allie that she is worth something and is stunning and not the Ugly Young Thing she has been brought up to believe she is. Running parallel to this story, another Serial Killer is on the loose killing women . I have to admit, in one way I thought that this killer might be connected to Allie but when the Killer was revealed that shocked me as I didn't view him as a killer.  Ugly Young Thing was a fast-paced book and features murder, mystery, mayhem and mental health. Though this is part of the Strangers series, it could be read as a stand-alone.

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