Sunday, September 3, 2017

Review: Twin Wars - Haley Allison

Twin Wars (D.O.R.K. Series, #3)

Review: Twin Wars - Book #3 DORK Series - Haley Allison - November 2016

All Madison ever wanted was a sister and a mother, but instead what she got was a mother with only a few months left to live and a twin sister who is a vindictive evil person. Raven Redinger is the evil twin as she is threatened by Madison's life and the life she has built for herself. It would have been all good except Madison and Raven are identical twins. Raven has perfected being Queen Bee and is threatened by Madison and vows to bring her down and destroy her life. It works for a bit, but Madison has a few friends to help her, and it does push her in the direction to the next step with Logan, so in a way, Raven helped her twin sister's relationship status. What will happen though when Raven learns that Madison will be sharing her inheritance and everything Jacie had will be halved. Raven decides to take things to the next level and hacks into Madison's online diary, and wham bam changes a few things and prints out the pages for the world to see. I liked this part as it showed her Madison's real friends were and I liked that she had someone to fall back onto. What I did hate though was the fact that Madison's dad was easy to jump to conclusions that it was Maddie who wrote it. This frustrated me as shouldn't he know his daughter and what she's like as a person and trust her especially since she was the one who pushed her father and Claire back together. Twin Wars later gets legal but what will the outcome of the case be and then there's the talent show? Will this finally be Madison's time to shine or has Raven got another plan up her sleeve to pull down and destroy Madison once and for all? Find out in Book #3 Twin Wars by Haley Allison.

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