Monday, September 18, 2017

Review: The Other Side of Envy - The Academy #8 - C.L Stone

The Other Side of Envy (The Ghost Bird, #8)

Review: The Other Side of Envy - Book #8 The Academy - Ghost Bird Series - C.L Stone - April 2015

When it comes to The Academy books, I am always forever in two minds. Part of me loves them and the characters in the books, but the other half of me gets so frustrated with them at the same time. So much that I want to scream and tell them all to talk or at least grow up. The Other Side of Envy was one of the most frustrating ones that I have read so far in The Academy series as it was like seriously Sang, stop playing games and set the boys including Mr. Blackbourne and Dr. Green and simply tell them all at the same time what you want. Use your words, tell them I Love You all and want to be all of your girlfriends and seriously if you love me too, then get over your freaking jealousy and be with me. In this book, Gabriel annoyed me as his jealousy was radiating off the pages and Kota seriously needs to remove the stick as he is so damn uptight. It's like Kota, take a chill pill and relax.  Sang finally met Lily and the guys and saw how they lived, so she knows how it's not impossible to be with them all and live happily ever after. The only really exciting part in this book was finding out some more information about Sang's birth mother, though seriously it being part of an incestuous relationship was unnecessary. No wonder Mrs. Sorenson didn't like Sang, having that reminder that her husband had an affair with his cousin which resulted in not only her birth but also his cousin's death. Talk about deep-rooted family issues and complications. As of course, I do love the idea of reverse harems, and part of me does love this series, I will be continuing. I just hope in the next book, she has grown up a little bit more.

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