Sunday, September 3, 2017

Review: Sapient Salvation - The Awakening - Jayne Faith

The Awakening (Sapient Salvation #2)

Review: The Awakening - Book #2 Sapient Salvation - Jayne Faith and Christine Castle - January 2016.
I first read Book #1 a few years back and was hooked as I was transported into a book that was like The Hunger Games meets Syfy meets Harem novels. Each year a group of males and females are chosen from Earth to go to the planet Calista, and there they fight in a tournament, sort of like The Hunger Games as they have challenges, deaths, and each participant has a guide. In the end, the winners will become part of the King's Harem. The Awakening has two storylines as it has the Tournament in which Maya is competing in but someone aka Akantha and possibly more want her dead as she is proving to be a threat as unlike any of the previous participants Maya has captured both Prince Toric and his brother Jeric's affections. The second storyline is that there is a prophecy which connects Earth and the planet Calista together and it seems that the prophecy is somehow connected to Maya especially when she learns her blind sister is having visions of Calistan life? Can Maya survive as it seems like everyone who gets close or tries to help her is either imprisoned or killed? Can Maya along with Prince Toric and the High Priestess get to the bottom of things before more people turn up dead and treacherous plans are formed. Find out in Book #2 of the Sapient Salvation series by Jayne Faith and Christine Castle. A fast paced series which will have you hooked and wanting to find out more.


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