Monday, September 11, 2017

Review: Crazed - Episode #3 - Se7en Deadly Seals - Alana Albertson

Crazed (Se7en Deadly SEALs #3)

Review: Crazed - Episode #3 - Se7en Deadly Seals - Alana Albertson - March 2016

As part of the 2017 Reading Challenge, I am doing on Facebook we are encouraged to try and clear our already too long TBR piles, so I decided this year to make more of an effort to clear out old books that I have had sitting on my Kindle. Crazed was Episode #3 of a serial by Alana Albertson called the Se7en Deadly Seals. Mia decided to go undercover as a stripper called Kseyna to find out what happened the night her brother was arrested for Murder. This gave her an in with her brother's crew and what used to be his good friends including her ex-boyfriend Grant. In Crazed we learn that Mia was raped by one of the teammates and that she ended up pregnant and had a baby boy, the boy was later said to have died. Mia took this as gospel, but this now could be a lie as Tiffany - the girl who died and Joaquin supposedly killed had a son Julian who looks Mia thinks is Joaquin's. What happens though when Joaquin's DNA doesn't match? Is this Mia's son? Mia thinks that it was Mitch who raped her, but what happens when he proclaims his innocence? If he didn't do it, which one did? What will happen when on the cliffhanger, Grant reveals he knows that Ksenya is Mia - will she live to continue her tale? Find out in Crazed, Episode #3 of the Se7en Deadly Seals.

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