Sunday, September 17, 2017

Review: Neptune Confidential - Jason Gurley

Neptune Confidential (Veronica Mars - the TV series)

Review: Neptune Confidential - Veronica Mars Kindle Worlds - Jason Gurley - March 2014
I was in the mood for a bit of Veronica Mars the other day as I was wearing my WWVMD t-shirt and feeling reminiscent of the TV show. A few years back, I went and purchased from Amazon, a few Kindle Worlds stories based on the series. Neptune Confidential takes us into the world of Vinnie Van Lowe - you know the sleazy PI that's always trying to hit on Veronica and weasel his way into Keith Mars's work. Vinnie Van Lowe has been seeing Delia, and now she is dead, and the number one suspect is Vinnie. Sheriff Lamb already seems adamant to charge Vinnie and make this an open/shut case, but Keith knows better. Can Keith find out who the killer is before Vinnie finds himself framed and tried for Delia's murder? I have to admit, I didn't see this ending coming and was surprised at who the killer was but in true Veronica Mars fashion - the killer is always surprising and who you least expect. Neptune Confidential was a quick read and perfect for fans of Veronica Mars who are suffering from withdrawal symptoms. Time for another VM movie I think.

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