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Review: Heartless - Episode #3 - J. Sterling

Heartless: Episode 3 (Heartless, #3)

Review: Heartless - Episode #3 - J. Sterling - November 2014

At the end of Episode #2, we watched as Elizabeth's world came crashing down around her once again as Ben knows Daniel. It turns out that Ben's sister Kate was one of Daniel's girls - friends with benefits and now Kate is all twisted and playing the part of the psycho ex-girlfriend by harassing Elizabeth till she gets her way which is for Elizabeth to back off and let her have Daniel. Elizabeth hates drama and the way she feels for Daniel is starting to affect her working life. Elizabeth does the one thing she can think of to stop the hurt; she cuts it off with Daniel. But will Daniel give up just like that ? Especially since he knows that Elizabeth loves him too and that she is worth her weight in gold. Can Daniel enlist the help of his friend James and Elizabeth's assistant Barbara to win her back? Can he prove to Elizabeth once and for all that she is worth loving and that he isn't ever going to leave her? 
This is one serial that I recommend everyone to read as you will find yourself hooked and won't want to put down until you have finished the whole three episodes as I did.


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