Monday, September 18, 2017

Review: System Failure - Episode #12 - Geek Actually Serial - Cecilia Tan

System Failure (Geek Actually #1.12)

Review: System Failure - #Episode 12 - Geek Actually - Cecilia Tan - August 2017
System Failure is the 12th Episode of the Geek Actually serial, and I have to admit I was a tad nervous reading this book as it means that it is nearing the end of the serial unless they decide to write a second season. System Failure featured mainly Michelle, Christina, and Elli. Its main topic was Sexuality and the negative side of things. Michelle is learning the ropes of how to be a Dom and goes to her first BDSM party where she is given a sub. The thing is that they don't discuss safe words etc. and the scene ends with the sub being hurt. He rages, and it backlashes to Michelle. Is this the end of her trying to be part of the BDSM society? I have to admit; this was a little questionable as even though she is new to this world, it is BDSM 101 to have a safe word put in place for any scene and since neither party mentioned it -they were both at fault. Christina believes she is the start of a proper relationship with Vivi but what happens when Vivi starts to introduce other people into their sex life? Is Christina ready to explore the world of threesomes? Elli, as we know, is asexual and still grieving the loss of her friend Ruby goes to a con where a supposed friend takes advantage of her naivety and sexually assaults her. Apparently, this is a common issue in the States at comic conventions as there are warnings on the sites that Sexual Harassment is not on and Cosplay Costumes are not an invitation to welcome sex and rape. 
If you are not comfortable with reading about BDSM and Sexual Harassment, Rape, etc. then Episode #12 might be a skipping point for you.  I am now in two minds about reading Episode #13 as part of me wants to read it to finish the series, but the other part doesn't want the serial to finish.

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