Monday, September 11, 2017

Review: Lancaster House - Taylor Dean

Lancaster House

Review: Lancaster House - Book #1 - Taylor Dean - June 2012

Zoe Grayson loves decorating and old houses, so when she saw Lancaster House for sale and once she viewed inside she fell head over heels for the house. She could see it had so much potential. Over the next few months though, strange things kept happening around the house. It was almost like she had one of the elves from the story the Shoemaker's elves as all her jobs seemed to be finished. One night, she decided to stay up and got a fright. There was a man in her house. One thing leads to another and turns out that the man is, in fact, Andre Lancaster - the creator of the house who supposedly died over a century ago after his wife and her lover were murdered in the house. As people who aim to harm Zoe are killed, the police start to look at her as the main suspect but know that there is more to the story than what she is letting on. Can Zoe prove that Andre still exists or is he as the doctors say a figment of her imagination? Lancaster House is told from Zoe's perspective during her therapy sessions as she is currently in the Mental hospital after being diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. Lancaster House has something for everyone from dealing with Mental Health to Paranormal Romance and the Supernatural.

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