Monday, September 18, 2017

Review: Take A Chance on Me - Marilyn Brant

Take a Chance on Me (Mirabelle Harbor, #1)

Review: Take A Chance on Me - Book #1 Mirabelle Harbor Series - Marilyn Brant - July 2015
I am trying my best to go back through my ebooks and read all the ones I've had sitting on there for a while. With the release of the latest book in the Mirabelle Harbor series, it reminded me that I had that series sitting on my Kindle to read. So, one morning this week before work I decided to start to Take A Chance on Me, and I loved it so much that I ended up sitting and reading it in one sitting and finished it just in time to start work. Take A Chance on Me features two characters, Nia and Chance. Chance is the quiet twin and hasn't shown an interest in dating until Nia walks into the gym. She is the daughter of the owners of the Greek bakery and full of luscious curves. She also happens to be currently in a relationship with CEO Grant Jordan. Has Chance never felt as attracted to a female and now he is, and she's taken or is she? Chance will learn that their relationship is a bit rocky and will fight for his chance to be with Nia. Who will Nia choose? The guy who could offer her the world and everything that comes with it with the size of his wallet or Chance, a health nut guy whose only source of income is from working at the gym, a man of few words but lots of action. Take A Chance on Me was a fast-paced book and you could feel not only the romance sparking off the pages but also the family love between Chance and his siblings and Nia and her family.  I am now looking forward to reading the rest of the series by Marilyn Brant.

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