Sunday, September 17, 2017

Review: Tara - Beach Bride Series #2 - Ginny Baird

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Tara (Beach Brides #2)

Review: Tara - Book #2 Beach Bride Series - Ginny Baird - May 2017

I love the Beach Bride Series as it appeals to the romantic side of me, the whole message in a bottle scenario and love at first sight. Fate and Destiny. Tara is one of the women who belong to the online book group that visited the Carribean and chucked a message in a bottle out to sea. Three of the women have found love - Meg, Nina, and Clair and now it's Tara's turn when a twist of events happen, and a guy named Heath decides against proposing when he finds Tara's bottle. On the night Heath was to propose to his girlfriend, he finds the bottle and ends up dumping his girlfriend - only to find out she has been cheating on him for a while now with a mutual friend. Heath decides to take a risk which makes sense seeing as he is in the finance business and contacts Tara. Tara owns her bookshop which is dedicated purely to selling romance books which I loved this idea. One of my dreams is to own my bookshop, currently, since this doesn't seem a possibility - I have settled in the next best thing to working in a library.  Tara and Heath start an email exchange and start to fall in love with each others words, what will happen though when they meet in real life? Will the attraction still be there? Has Tara finally meet her "The One" through a risk she took when she chucked her bottle into the ocean? Find out in Book #2 of the Beach Bride Series - Tara by Ginny Baird today. The perfect read for the romantic inside of us all.

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