Sunday, September 17, 2017

Review: Unloved - Katy Regnery

Unloved, a love story

Review: Unloved - Katy Regnery - October 2017This book attracted me with it's cover as the cover is amazing and scary at the same time. In Unloved we read as two characters have suffered tragedy in their lives. We have Brynn who lost her fiance Jem in a mass shooting and Cassidy who lives in the wop-wops all alone since his family have passed. Cassidy was born Cassidy Porter, his father was a serial killer . Growing up Cassidy was a good kid, but his mother and grandfather always warned him to be careful and keep away from temptations as he may have the killer gene like his father. He has done so well over the years until now, when he hears a scream and rescues Brynn who is hiking in the mountains. Both have thought that they would never find love ,but Cassidy nurses Brynn back to life. Brynn finally realises that she has a chance to move on from Jem but what happens when the guy she wants keeps holding back ? Unloved was full of twists and turns and OMG the few chapters near the end . I was like Ok, what way is this book going to go and when the author revealed her plans it was like hmmm, that makes sense. If you love genetics and pyschological behavioural novels, then Unloved is the book for you.

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