Monday, September 11, 2017

Review: Built - Jay Crownover

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Built (Saints of Denver, #1)

Review : Built - Book #1 Saints of Denver Series - Jay Crownover - January 2016
What I often love about most New Adult series is that they do a crossover with their other series. Jay Crownover's Saints of Denver series has character crossover with her Marked Men series, so it was cool to see familiar characters again like Rowdy and Asa. In Built which is the first in the Saints of Denver series, we have Rowdy's newfound half-sister Sayer and his best friend, Zeb.  After Sayer's father's death, she discovered that she had half-siblings and has come to Denver to find them. What she didn't expect was to be welcomed with arms wide open as growing up she never had that level of affection from her father.  Zeb has been busy working hard and keeping out of trouble after a stint five plus years ago in Prison where he went after protecting his sister and niece. Zeb wants Sayer and will work his magic and charm to make her his. What will happen though when a one night stand from five years ago comes back to bite him in the butt? Five years ago, Zeb had a one night stand - the day he was released from prison, and now he has discovered he had a son called Hyde. Hyde's mother is now dead, and he has no-one. Can Zeb and Sayer work together to make sure that Hyde has a warm home with Zeb and in doing so, eventually let Hyde have two loving parents? I loved this book as it had a single dad feel to the novel and I loved the relationship between Zeb and Hyde. That father/son bond was really strong, and it was what made Built such an amazing story. The romance between Zeb and Sayer was all good, but what stuck with me and made me want to recommend this book to my friends was the chemistry and love that radiated off the pages between Zeb and Hyde.

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