Monday, September 18, 2017

Review: Wide Spaces - Shelly Crane

Wide Spaces (Wide Awake, #1.5)

Review: Wide Spaces - Book #1.5 Wide Awake Series - Shelly Crane - October 2013
2017 to me was the year I was going to go through and try and clear some of my Ebooks that I have had on the Kindle for quite a while. This particular one is Book #1.5 in a series I started back in 2013; it is also part of the 12 NA's of Christmas which was another series of novellas I got in 2013.  For those who remember the series, Emma was in an accident and woke up with amnesia. The only person she remembers is her PT Mason who has helped her after the accident. Emma and Mason have started a relationship and Mason this Christmas is hoping to propose. However, will Emma accept Mason's proposal especially since she still doesn't have all her memories back? In Wide Spaces, we read as we discover how Mason got into working as a PT as his mother also due to a car accident has a sort of amnesia that fades in and out. Will Mason be able to save Emma one more time as he discovers he has a stalker and she wants Emma dead once and for all so that she can have Mason to herself? Find out in Book #1.5, a Christmas Romantic Suspense with Amnesiac themes - Wide Spaces by Shelly Crane. 


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