Monday, September 4, 2017

Review: Give and Take - Daisy Prescott

Looking for a Xmas short story to get you preparing for the months ahead  before the big day hits ? Give and Take was a quick read and featured all your favourite characters from both of Daisy Prescott's two main series which I loved as we had the crew from Modern Love Stories series and then the Kelso Boys and Tom/ Hailey from the Wingman series. As a fan of Daisy Prescott's Modern Love Stories and I have read a couple of the Wingman series books, I have to admit I loved this one as I was reunited with all my favorite characters from books I had read years ago. It was also good to be refreshed and see what all the characters are up to now seeing as they have all found love and some have had children or have babies on the way. This Christmas, a few of the characters, are in for some special treats as all their dreams and wishes come true as they get into the holiday spirit. Fun and easy to read the short story, perfect if you want something quick and a book to tide you over for the time being.

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