Sunday, September 10, 2017

Review: Geek Actually - Episode #11 - It's Not Me, It's You - Melissa Blue

It's Not Me, It's You (Geek Actually #1.11)
Review: Geek Actually - Episode #11 - It's Not Me , It's You - Melissa Blue - August 2017
Reading Episode 11 makes me feel kind of sad as it means that I only have two more episodes left and then the Serial of Geek Actually is over, and I have been enjoying it. In Episode #11 it focuses on the issue of finding yourself and who you are which includes going back to your roots and discovering what made you happy in the first place. More often than not, this can also force you to make some decisions which you know will be difficult but in the end, work out to be the best outcome. We have Taneesha and Diego's story continuing as we know they had a standstill in their what could be called a relationship in Episode #10. In Episode #11 Diego shows his nice guy side to Taneesha as he did go away and think about what she said. In the past ten episodes, we have seen Aditi and Michelle's friendship waver as Michelle is her friend but also her editor to a book Aditi has been digging her heels into not writing. Aditi realizes that she needs a new editor and requests a new one, but will Michelle take it personally as a betrayal or will she realize it is the best option to keep their friendship in tact? Aditi also finally called it off with Cuddlebug, as she realizes her friendship/ arranged marriage with Devi has been slipping. Is Christina and Vivi's relationship ready to be taken to the next level, especially when Vivi starts to show signs of jealousy when Taneesha calls Christina? I hope in the next book that we read more of Elli's story as I want her friends to be there to help her especially since she hasn't told them about Ruby's death yet.  This serial needs to be read in order and fans of Geek Chic Lit will enjoy the quick read.

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