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Review: Accidental Texting - Kimberly Montague

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Accidental Texting: Finding Love Despite the Spotlight

Review: Accidental Texting - Kimberly Montague - October 2012

I tried to make it my goal this year to go back through my Kindle and read old e-books that I have had sitting there for years, and Accidental Texting was one of them. You can tell it's an older story too by its cover as even the self-published books have awesome covers. Of course judging by the cover and tagline, you can guess what this book is about. What happens when Morgan who has been recently left at the altar by an abusive fiance who in everyone else's eyes was an angel gets a random text telling her it was a mistake and he wants her back.  Morgan's best friend grabs the phone and starts messaging, and soon one thing leads to another and Morgan eventually admits that he texted the wrong number and she was pulling his leg. He doesn't believe her of course, but over the next course of the week, things will start to change. Thus beginning a texting relationship between Morgan and Sean. Morgan has no idea who Sean is, but she is falling head over heels for the mystery man. What will happen when Morgan discovers Sean's true identity? Will she be able to handle the spotlight that his identity brings or will she retreat back into the darkness and into her own shell ? Can Sean prove to Morgan that he loves her and would do anything for her, even give up his career and status ? Accidental Texting was quite a long e-book but definitely worth the read, especially if you are like me and love the idea of an accidental texting romance brewing between the pages as more often than not some accidental texting can turn into something - that's how I ended up with a date to my school ball as the guy started accidentally texting and we struck up a friendship. If you are looking for an older romance ebook to read, then check out Accidental Texting by Kimberly Montague today.

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