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Review: Wide Open - Shelly Crane

Wide Open (Wide Awake, #2)

Review: Wide Open - Book #2 Wide Awake Series - Shelly Crane - January 2014
For those who have read the previous two books , you will remember Mason's brother Milo and how he left and distanced himself away from his family . Wide Open is Milo's tale. After his mother's accident, Milo blamed Mason and went off the deep end and started doing drugs and alcohol and sleeping around. Things were plodding along, until Milo realised he was in the deep end and owed the wrong people money and if he couldn't pay it they would kill him or come after his family. So he packed up and left town . On his journeys while staying at a shelter he met Joey and her father - the Preacher. They helped him get sober and stay clean. Now a couple of years later and Joey has gone to her new job and Milo is left to his own devices with a good job as a mechanic and is attending AA meetings. It is at the AA Meetings where Milo meets Maya . Maya has demons of her own and is studying to be a Social Worker/ Counsellor as in her mind this is her repentance. Maya's life is still complicated though as her brother Will is dying. Can Milo persuade Maya to give him a go and in doing so , the pair will be great for one another and in more ways than one - help each other. As Milo is a good sounding board for Maya and Maya helps Milo reconnect with his family and overcome his past despite the consequences that could arise. Wide Open was a good finish to the Wide Awake series. The only thing that I would have changed in this series would have been to catch a glimpse of Emma Pre-Amnesia as in the whole series we only ever had Post-Amnesia Emma.

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