Friday, October 20, 2017

Review: Dead Girls Walking - Suzy Cox

Dead Girls Walking (Dead Girls Detective Agency #2)

Review: Dead Girls Walking - Book #2 Dead Girls Detective Agency - Suzy Cox - May 2014
When I saw this book, I wanted to read it as it had ghosts and sounded fun. It turns out it is about the afterlife. When ghosts are murdered, they go to the in-between world where they are waiting for their murders to be solved. When the murder is solved, they are presented with a golden key which is the only way to unlock the door into the world that is Heaven, etc. Three girls Lorna, Nancy, and Charlotte, have been designated as what they call The Dead Girls Detective Agency. They give the police a bit of push and shove and help the new ghosts transition into the ghost world and help them to solve their murders. This murder hits home for Lorna as it happens at her old school and her sister Emma is one of the main suspects but Emma couldn't have killed Mercy or did she? Now the girls have two missions on hand, clearing Emma's name and helping Mercy find her killer who will prove to be difficult as she made lots of enemies. This book was a little slow-paced for my liking but felt like a Supernatural Nancy Drew Novel. The thing I did love and was like OMG was the cliffhanger that this book finished on and makes me wonder what this means for Charlotte? Is she finally going to get her chance to go through the door or will she choose to stay with her newfound ghostly friends?

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