Sunday, October 1, 2017

Review: The Evolution of Ivy : Antidote - Lauren Campbell

The Evolution of Ivy: Antidote (The Evolution of Ivy, #2)

Review: The Evolution of Ivy - Antidote - Book #2 The Evolution of Ivy - Lauren Campbell - September 2017

For those who haven't read the first book, then stop reading as this is one series you have to read to understand the story and the character's reasoning behind everything.  Emily is Ivy, and she is well on her way to finally winning Brooks after she managed to break up Brooks and Eliza's engagement. It seems that finally, she is going to get her HEA with this book and we readers learn more about Ivy and Brooks's relationship growing up. Also, Kate from their high school makes an appearance as Brooks current friends with benefits and another one who played a part when they were younger in destroying Ivy and Brooks relationship. What happens when it seems that just as Emily and Brooks may get their HEA, he learned about the Ivy-Emily deception and then wham bam Emily/Ivy gets amnesia? I loved this series but have to admit, in parts Book #2 felt a little drawn out and when Brooks finally discovered it was Ivy, I felt a little let down with the way they both reacted.  If you are in the mood for a good edgy psychological romance, then check out Lauren Campbell's duology of The Evolution of Ivy as you will not be disappointed.

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