Friday, October 20, 2017

Review: With Love - Liz Lovelock

With Love (Letters in Blood, #2)

Review: With Love - Book #2 Letters in Blood - Liz Lovelock - October 2017

You know how every now and again you get a series and you want to shout out to the world about how awesome it is - Liz Lovelock's series Letters in Blood is that series for me lately. If you love Edgy and Dark Fiction with Mystery elements and lots of twists, then you will fit right at home with her Letters in Blood series. Book #2 started from the cliffhanger that we had in Book #1 and Eleanore is still alive and fighting for her life with the serial killer. As we know, Eleanore is a fighter, and I think she will survive and prove that she is one tough cookie. OMG the twist when Eleanore's identity is revealed, I was like AAAH and then when they are pointed towards Eleanore's old house and the dirty secret in the basement. I have an idea what will be down there but damn that Liz Lovelock who left us hanging on another major cliffhanger. I cannot wait for Book #3, so I can finish this series as it is seriously one of the best dark suspense I have read for 2017.  As you turn each page, it leaves you wanting more and will have you screaming as the books just aren't long enough, it's like you are hooked and then that book is over, and you have to wait on your seat's edge for the next book to be released.

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